January 31, 2011

Isabella Bird

I am completely mesmerized by a Victorian adventurer called Isabella Bird. I can eerily relate to this woman who lived over 100 years ago. Isabella was a true traveller/explorer who defied the Victorian expectations of how a woman was to live her life. At her home in England she found herself constantly ill but as soon as she embarked on a trip she miraculously healed, her spirit free to soar and experience adventure. "Travelers are privileged to do the most improper things with perfect propriety" she said in Hawaii. "I still vote civilization a nuisance, society a humbug, and all conventionality a crime" she said in Scotland. I'm not a fan of rules and convention and can only imagine how claustrophobic it must have felt for women in other times. Isabella travelled through Persia China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Hawaii, The Rocky Mountains and when she was seventy rode through Morocco on the Sultan's black horse. This is just the beginning; something about this woman has captured my heart and I will be delving into her story as I embark on writing a book inspired by her (another "just for fun" project).

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  1. I love the fact that you're into Bird! I'm writing my dissertation chapter on her and am just finishing it up. I've loved researching this incredible woman and her adventures in the Rocky Mountains. She is an inspiration.