February 20, 2011

Pink, Glorious Pink!

I went to the children's opera of Cinderella today with Ava and her friend and there was an incredible amount of pink on the stage and in a moment of letting the brilliant tones of pink overtake my eyes, I was reminded of how fantastic this colour really is. Under the bright stage lights, the fancy gowns, the ornate throne, the palace wallpaper shimmered in different rosy tones and brought me back to another favourite movie of mine that celebrates this colour - Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra. Pink is a colour that you either love or hate and for me it is all love. I can only imagine that those that hate this colour are really just rebelling against the femininity it traditionally represents.

My favourite tone of pink is the Fifties pink - a warm version with just enough yellow in it. It is of course softer than red but holds the same liveliness and makes you think of all things happy, sweet, luscious, and healthy (think rosy cheeks). In the movie Funny Face the fashion trendsetters decide to be done with drab black and launch pink as the in colour. They go full force in celebrating pink's representation of life and passion and claim that everything looks better in pink. Here are some great shots from the movie - a few non pink ones that are just too glamourous not to share.

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