April 26, 2011

Island through and through

It is amazing how much we crave the sun, the warmth and light. It's hard to imagine why we must endure long Winters but without them we would not experience the renewal that Spring brings. On this sunny April morning, there is a sense of relief in the air that we can emerge from hibernation and the seriousness of Winter and allow ourselves to be more carefree, more focused on pleasure. The change in seasons triggers memories from past years and today I am reminded of one of my favourite days last Summer on a trip to Prince Edward Island.

I fell in love with Prince Edward Island from the moment we drove off the bridge linking New Brunswick to the island. I was instantly brought back in time to a place of natural perfection and the simplicity of island life. There is something divine about an island where each road leads you to water, the salty air breezing over you and although isolated, there is a sense of freedom. PEI is just as I had imagined it with it's rolling hills, manicured farmland, lighthouses, and rich red soil but it took me by surprise by capturing my heart with it's charm and down to earth friendliness. It enlivened my dreams and creativity and I found that I was imagining myself living on this island in another time. My romantic side was nourished with it's beauty.

On a horse and carriage ride from the Anne of Green Gables home to Cavendish Beach, I could almost feel a long old fashioned dress draped over me as I sat patiently while each step the horse took brought me one foot closer to my destination. The slowness of the carriage ride allowed me to see details in the wild flowers, notice the paths of the buzzing insects and smell the sweetness of the tall grass. There was no rushing or racing and time seemed to melt away with a sense of security that we would eventually arrive at the red cliffs of Cavendish Beach.

The setting of the Anne of Green Gables farm and house was filled with beautiful details of the story from old fashioned trinkets to Lover's Lane. The spirit of this feisty, confident and lovable red headed girl could be felt in every corner.

Last year I discovered two places of red soil that I know I will return to - PEI and Sedona, Arizona. Sometimes the land will speak to you and you feel connected to it in some way that is difficult to explain. I am an island girl and PEI is on my list!

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