April 20, 2011

Mudpuppy Castle Playhouse

It can be so difficult to be patient when you work on an illustration job and then have to wait months and sometimes over a year to see the final product in the marketplace. When the moment finally comes it is filled with exhilaration each time. The experience of physically holding a product that you have poured over in minute detail on the computer screen is very satisfying. I am happy to share with you some photos of a Castle Playhouse I designed for Mudpuppy which is now available in the shops.

This project was made for me, giving me an opportunity to express my girlyness and love for ornate pattern. The dollhouse comes in two flat sheets that slot together to form a three dimensional, stand alone, portable house with cut out doorways. There are 3 princesses, one prince, and two royal pets. It is available online for only $10 at Amazon.

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